Vivien LEVY-GARBOUA honoured with the Gold Medal of the 31st edition of the Turgot Prize

Vivien LEVY-GARBOUA, Affiliated Professor of Economics at the Department, was awarded the prestigious Turgot Prize this April for his book "Le monde à taux zéro – voyage au bout de l’Economie" (at PUF).

This annual event, organised under the aegis of the Cercle Turgot (link), rewards excellence in financial economic literature, in the presence of professionals in finance and in economics as well as prominent figures from the worlds of business, academia and banking. 

The Gold Medal is the highest honour awarded to the best publication of the year in the field.

Vivien LEVY-GARBOUA's book, published in March 2017 by PUF, is an "invitation to understand the ongoing deep transformation of what lies at the heart of our economies: the price of money. It also encourages us to travel to the outer periphery of our economy which is metamorphosing before our very eyes into a new world. A world in which it is no longer enough to reverse the unemployment trend but one which must eradicate it. This journey is more than worthy of a detour via economic theory."

Vivien LEVY-GARBOUA, born in Egypt, graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique and went on to receive a PhD in Economics from Harvard University in 1974. He joined the Research Directorate of the Banque de France in 1976 before joining the BNP in 1980 for the duration of his career.

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