Tyler ABBOT and Edoardo CISCATO: Awardees of the Alliance PhD Mobility Grant of 2017-2018

Tyler ABBOT and Edoardo CISCATO, PhD Candidates SciencesPo

We extend our warmest congratulations !

The Alliance Call for Doctoral Mobility is intended to support and finance transatlantic research projects of the highest quality, in all disciplines under a joint supervision of faculty members from Columbia, Sciences Po, Paris 1, and Ecole Polytechnique.

This year Alliance awarded 20 PhD Mobility Grants to graduate students from all member institutions and in all disciplines. The Department of Economics is privileged to count among them, two recipients:

Tyler ABBOT - The estimation of a model of heterogeneous risk preferences in financial markets, under the supervision of Nicolas Coeurdacier & Patrick Bolton;

More about Tyler ABBOT and his research

Edoardo CISCATO - Search and Matching Models: Applications to the Economics of the Family, under the supervision of Jean-Marc Robin & Pierre-Andre Chiappori

More about Edoardo CISCATO and his research