*UPDATED* TRADE Seminar Sciences Po/PSE : Stephen REDDING (Princeton)

Stephen REDDING is the Harold T. Shapiro*64 Professor in Economics at Princeton University. He is the Director of the International Trade and Investment Program at NBER and Associate Editor of Econometrica. He is also an International Research Associate at CEP (LSE), a Research Fellow at CEPR and an International Research Fellow at the Kiel Institute for he World Economy.

His research interests include international trade and economic geography, and productivity and economic development.

Stephen REDDING will present a paper, joint with David E. WEINSTEINat the next Trade Seminar on the theme:

Accounting for Trade Patterns (link to paper)

More about Stephen REDDING and his research

The next Paris Trade Seminar will be the last so don't miss it: June 26th with Isabelle MEJEAN

Date: Tue, 2018/06/12 - 14:30 - 16:00
Location: PSE - Campus Jourdan: 48, boulevard Jourdan, 75014 Paris - ROOM R2-21
Link :