TRADE Seminar Sciences Po/PSE : David DORN (University of Zurich)

David DORN is Professor of International Trade and Labor Markets at the University of Zurich and Affiliated Professor at the UBS International Center for Economics in Society. He is a Research Fellow at CEPR (International Trade Section) as well as Research Affiliate (Labor Economics Section) and Research Fellow at CESifo, and IZA. He is Member of the Editorial Board for the Review of Economics Studies and Associate Editor of the Journal of the European Economic Association.

David DORN's research connects the fields of labor economics, international trade, economic geography, and macroeconomics. In particular, he studies how globalization and technological innovation affect labor markets.

David DORN will present a paper, joint with David AUTOR, Gordon HANSON, Gary PISANO and Pian SHU, at the next Trade Seminar on the theme:

Foreign Competition and Domestic Innovation: Evidence from U.S. Patents (link to paper)

More about David DORN and his research

The next Paris Trade Seminar will take place on April 3rd with Andrew BERNARD.


Date: Tue, 2018/03/20 - 14:30 - 16:00
Location: PSE - Campus Jourdan: 48, boulevard Jourdan, 75014 Paris - ROOM R2-21
Link :