TRADE Seminar PSE/Sciences Po: Xavier JARAVEL (LSE)

After completing a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, Xavier JARAVEL joined the LSE as Assistant Professor of Economics in 2017. He is equally a Visiting Scholar at Harvard and Collège de France.

His research focuses on innovation and productivity, with related work on trade and applied econometrics.

Xavier JARAVEL will present a paper, joint with Erick SAGER, at the next Paris Trade Seminar on the theme:

What are the Price Effects of Trade? Evidence from the U.S. and Implications for Quantitative Trade Models (link to paper)

More about Xavier JARAVEL and his research (link to website)

The next Paris Trade Seminar will host Andrew BERNARD on December 4th.

Date: Tue, 2018/11/20 - 14:45 - 16:15
Location: Department of Economics, 27 rue Saint Guillaume - ROOM A 13
Link :