A complete gravity dataset 

Here is the "square" gravity dataset  for all world pairs of countries, 1948-2006, that  we use in the following paper

HEAD, K., T. MAYER AND J. RIES, 2010, “The erosion of colonial trade linkages after independence” Journal of International Economics, 81(1):1-14 (lead article). 

All variables are described in the paper which you should turn to for details and reference when using this data. We also provide for replication purposes a lighter dataset, restricted to observations with non-missing trade flows. 

Geographical and distances data 

CEPII's geographical data in excel or in  Stata 8 format.

CEPII's bilateral distances and other variables useful for gravity  in excel or in Stata 8 format.

Explanatory notes for those datasets jointly developed with Guillaume Gaulier and Soledad Zignago. 

Market potentials

This dataset (available as a zipped Stata file) provides market potential of the Redding and Venables (2004) type for a large range of countries over the 1960-2003 period, and following several methodologies. Please cite Mayer T., 2008, 'Market Potential and Development' CEPII Working Paper 2009-24. when using it.

Trade and Production at the 3-digit ISIC level 

This dataset (available as a zipped Stata 8 file) provides data used in Mayer and Zignago (2005), which involves trade and production figures in a compatible industry classification for developed and developing countries. Those come from the Trade and Production 1976-1999 database made available by the World Bank, which compiles this data for 67 developing and developed countries at the ISIC rev2 3-digit industry level over the period 1976-1999. The original data comes principally from United Nations sources, the COMTRADE database for trade and UNIDO industrial statistics for production. The World Bank files have a lot of missing values for production figures in recent years. We largely extended the database on this aspect using more recent versions of the UNIDO CD-ROM together with OECD STAN data for OECD members. We also completed the trade data, using the CEPII database of international trade (BACI). The resulting database has 26 ISIC 3-digit industries over the 1976-2001 period for a large number of countries. For more details see Mayer and Zignago (2005).

"Make Trade not War" data files

Those two datasets (available as a zipped files) provide data  needed to replicate results from 

Martin, P., T. Mayer and M. Thoenig, 2008, ``Make Trade not War?'', Review of Economic Studies  75(3): 865-900.