Sciences Po Economics Discussion Papers

The Sciences Po Department of Economics publishes a discussion paper series focusing on the current research of Sciences Po Economics scholars. Our goal is to make this early research available to fellow economists, scholars and institutions all over the world.


2019-15 Subsidizing Inequality: Performance Pay and Risk Selection in Medicare
Fioretti, M. and Wang, H.

2019-14 Secular Trends in Wealth and Heterogeneous Capital: Land is Back...and Should Be Taxed
Bonnet, O., Chapelle, G., Trannoy, A., and Wasmer, E.

2019-13 3G Internet and Confidence in Government 
Guriev, S., Melnikov, N., and Zhuravskaya, E.

2019-12 Corruption and Adverse Selection 
Koutsougeras, L., Santos, M., and Fu, X.

2019-11 Eat Widely, Vote Wisely ? Lessons from a Campaign Against Vote Buying in Uganda 
Blattman, C., Larreguy, H., Marx, B., and Reid, O.

2019-10 Technology-Induced Trade Shocks? Evidence from Broadband Expansion in France 
Magouyres, C., Mayer, T., and Mazet-Sonilhac

2019-09 The Heterogeneous Price of a Vote: Evidence from France, 1993-2014 
Bekkouche, Y. and Cagé, J.

2019-08 Partial Language Competence
Hagenbach, J. and Koessler, F.

2019-07 Comparative Advantage of Firms
Boehm, J., Dhingra, S., and Morrow, J.

2019-06 Learning to Cooperate in the Shadow of the Law 
Galbiati, R., Henry, E., and Jacquemet, N.

2019-05 The Production of Information in an Online World: Is Copy Right? 
Cagé, J., Hervé, N., and Viaud, M.-L.

2019-04 When in Rome... on local norms and sentencing decisions 
Abrams, D., Galbiati, R., Henry, E., and Philippe, A.

2019-03 Inefficient Short-Time Work
Cahuc, P. and Nevoux, S.

2019-02 Sex and the Mission: The Conflicting Effects of Early Christian Missions on HIV in sub-Saharan Africa
Cagé, J. and Rueda, V.

2019-01 Monetary Easing, Leveraged Payouts and Lack of Investment 
Acharya, V. and Plantin, G.


2018-14 Altruism and Risk Sharing in Networks
Bourlès, R., Bramoullé, Y., and Perez-Richet, E.

2018-13 Test Design Under Falsification
Perez-Richet, E. and Skreta, V.

2018-12 Limited Participation, Capital Accumulation and Optimal Monetary Policy 
Ragot, X.

2018-11 Voting and Contributing when the Group is Watching
Henry, E. and Louis-Sidois, C.

2018-10 Waiting for my Neighbors
Gordon, S., Henry, E., and Murto, P.

2018-9 Facts, Alternative Facts, and Fact Checking in the Times of Post-Truth Politics
Barrera, O., Guriev, S., Henry, E., and Zhuravskaya, E.

2018-08 The Impact of Contract Enforcement Costs on Value Chains and Aggregate Productivity (PDF) 
Boehm, J. 

2018-07 Vertical Integration and Foreclosure: Evidence from Production Network Data 
Boehm, J. and Sonntag, J.

2018-06 Fiscal and Monetary Regimes: A Strategic Approach (PDF)
Barthélemy, J., and Plantin, G.

2018-05 The Institutional Foundations of Religious Politics: Evidence from Indonesia (PDF)
Bazzi, S., Koehler-Derrick, G., and Marx, B.

2018-04 Misallocation in the Market for Inputs: Enforcement and Organization of Production 
Boehm, J. and Oberfield, E.

2018-03 When Short-time Work Works 
Cahuc, P., Kramarz, F., and Nevoux, S.

2018-02 Taxation and Self-Employment (PDF)
Bárány, Z.

2018-01 Whither Economic History? Between Narratives and Quantification 
Antipa, P. and Bignon, V.


2017-06 A Proof of Blackwell's Theorem
Perez-Richet, E.

2017-05 Optimal Monetary Policy in a Liquidity Trap with Heterogeneous Agents
Ragot, X.

2017-04 Sovereign Default and Liquidity: the Case for a World Safe Asset
Le Grand, F. and Ragot, X.

2017-03 Optimal Fiscal Policy with Heterogeneous Agents and Aggregate Shocks
Le Grand, F. and Ragot, X.

2017-02 Optimal Monetary Policy and Liquidity with Heterogeneous Households
Bilbiie, F. and Ragot, X.

2017-01 Credibility and Monetary Policy
Barthélemy, J., Mengus, E.


2016-08 The Welfare Cost of Inflation Risk Under Imperfect Insurance 
Allais, O., Algan, Y., Challe, E., and Ragot, X.

2016-07 Solving Endogenous Regime Switching Models
Barthélemy, J., Marx, M.

2016-06 The Signaling Effect of Raising Inflation
Barthélemy, J., Mengus, E.

2016-05 The Welfare Effects of Involuntary Part-Time Work
Borowczyk-Martins D., Lalé E.

2016-04 The Rise of Part-time Employment
Borowczyk-Martins D., Lalé E.

2016-03 A Brief History of Human Time: Exploring a database of "notable people"
Gergaud O., Laouenan M., Wasmer E.

2016-02 Semiparametric Analysis of Network Formation
Jochmans K.

2016-01 Modified-likelihood estimation of the b-model
Jochmans K.


2015-10 A note on sufficiency in binary panel models
Jochmans K., Magnac T.

2015-09 Two-way models for gravity
Jochmans K.

2015-08 The Impact of Contract Enforcement Costs on Outsourcing and Aggregate Productivity
Boehm, J.

2015-07 Job Polarization and Structural Change
Barany Z., Siegel C.

2015-06 The neighbor is king: Customer discrimination in the housing market
Combes, P.-Ph.

2015-06 Bias-corrected estimation of panel vector autoregressions
Dhaene G., Jochmans K.

2015-05 Migration Externalities in Chinese Cities
Combes P., Démurger S., Li S.

2015-04 Immigration and Wage Dynamics: Evidence from the Mexican Peso Crisis
Monras J.

2015-03 Two-way models for gravity
Jochmans K.

2015-02 Effect of Income on Trust:Evidence from the 2009 Crisis in Russia
Ananyev M., Guriev S.

2015-01 Economic Shocs and Internal Migration
Monras J.


2014-18 Estimating Multivariate Latent-Structure Models
Bonhomme S., Jochmans K., Robin J-M.

2014-17 Employment Adjustment and Part-time Jobs: The US and the UK in the Great Recession
Borowczyk-Martins D., Lalé E.

2014-16 Inspecting the Mechanism: Leverage and the Great Recession in the Eurozone
Martin P., Philippon T.

2014-15 The Long-Term Effects of the Printing Press in Sub-Saharan Africa
Cagé J., Rueda V.

2014-14 Shopping Time
Petrosky-Nadeau N., Wasmer E., Zeng S.

2014-13 Capital Cities, Conflict, and Misgovernance: Theory and Evidence
Campante F., Do Q., Guimaraes B.

2014-12 Performance-Based Financing, Motivation and Final Output in the Health Sector: Experimental Evidence from the Democratic Republic of Congo
Huillery E., Seban J.

2014-11 Employment protection and capital-labor ratios
Janiak A., Wasmer E.

2014-10 Unanimity in Attribute-Based Preference Domains
Gordon S.

2014-09 Macroeconomic Dynamics in a Model of Goods, Labor and Credit Market Frictions
Petrosky-Nadeau N., Wasmer E.

2014-08 Doubts and Dogmatism in Conflict Behavior
Gordon S. and Riboni A.

2014-07 Does housing capital contribute to inequality? A comment on Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century?
Bonnet O., Bono P-H., Chapelle G., Wasmer E.

2014-06 Income tax and retirement schemes
Choné P., Laroque G.

2014-05 Multiplicative-error models with sample selection
Jochmans K.

2014-04 Information Transmission in Nested Sender-Receiver Games
Chen Y., Gordon S.

2014-03 Split-Panel Jackknife Estimation of Fixed-Effect Models
Dhaene G., Jochmans K.

2014-02 Welfare and Trade Without Pareto
Head K., Mayer T., Thoenig M.

2014-01 Inference on Mixtures Under Tail Restrictions
Henry M., Jochmans K., Salanié B.


2013-17 Gender and Competition: Evidence from Academic Promotions in France
Bosquet C., Combes P-P., Garcia-Penalosa C.

2013-16 What predicts a successful life? A life-course model of well-being
Layard R., Clark A.E., Cornaglia F., Powdthavee N.

2013-15 Weighted Majoritarian Rules for the Location of Multiple Public Facilities
Bochet O., Gordon S., Saran R.

2013-14 Time to ship during Financial Crises
Berman N., De Souza J., Martin P., Mayer T.

2013-13 Input-Trade Liberalization, Export Prices and Quality Upgrading
Bas M., Strauss-Khan V.

2013-12 Search, Project Adoption and the Fear of Commitment
Bar T., V. Atal, and S. Gordon

2013-11 Firm Heterogeneity and Aggregate Welfare
Melitz M. J. and S. J. Redding

2013-10 Voting Alone? The Political and Cultural Consequences of Commercial TV
Pinotti P., A. Tesei, and R. Durante

2013-09 Nonparametric estimation of finite mixtures
Bonhomme S., K. Jochmans, and J.-M. Robin

2013-08 Optimal Project Selection Mechanisms
Bar, T. and S. Gordon

2013-07 Likelihood inference in an autoregression with fixed effects
Dhaene G. and K. Jochmans

2013-06 Innovation beyond Patents: Technological Complexity as a Protection against Imitation
Henry E. and F. Ruiz‐Aliseda

2013-05 Proximity as a Source of Comparative Advantage
Archanskaia, L.

2013-04 Pairwise-comparison estimation with nonparametric controls
Jochmans, K.

2013-03 Empowering Parents in School: WhatThey Can (not) Do
Beasley, E. and E. Huillery

2013-02 Gravity Equations: Workhorse, Toolkit, and Cookbook
Head, K. and T. Mayer

2013-01 Isolated Capital Cities, Accountability and Corruption: Evidence from US States
Campante F. R. and Q.-A. Do