SAB 2018 : Four of the Department’s faculty members have each been awarded a grant to carry out fundamental research


Since 2009 SciencesPo has been financing internal research projects selected by a board made up exclusively of prominent, internationally recognised academics, external to SciencesPo. This board – the « Scientific Advisory Board » (SAB) – is entrusted every year to evaluate several dozen research projects proposed by SciencesPo’s faculty and researchers.

In 2018, Sciences Po called for two types of proposals : either projects requiring « seed money » in order to help prepare applications for external funding or else fundamental research projects that are innovative in nature or « disruptive » in their approach to a classic question.

Two projects were selected for « seed money » and the 12 other SAB grants are destined to finance fundamental research - the case of all four of the Department’s selected projects:

- Media Competition and News DietsJulia CAGE
- Personal connections, the balance of power, and public policies in an autocracyQuoc Anh DO
- Media Capture by Banks: Evidence from News Coverage of the Europe’s Sovereign Debt CrisisRuben DURANTE 
- Crime and House Prices using Micro Data - Florian OSWALD

Congratulations !

More about SAB grants (link, in French)