Ruben DURANTE and co-authors Stefano DELLAVIGNA, Brian KNIGHT, Eliana LA FERRARA, awarded a 2017 AEA Best Paper Award!

Ruben DURANTE, Associate Professor of Economics, on leave

The American Economic Association announced the 2017 edition of the AEJ Best Paper Awards this month.

Ruben DURANTE, Associate Professor of Economics at SciencesPo and CEPR Affiliate, along with his co-authors, were awarded the prestigious AEJ :Applied Economics Best Paper prize for their paper «Market-Based Lobbying : Evidence from Advertising Spending in Italy » (link SPIRE, PDF).

The study demonstrates how firms in Italy changed their advertising spending when media mogul Silvio Berlusconi was in power. They estimate that Berlusconi’s private television network, Mediaset, saw a significant boost in advertising spending from firms between 1993-2009, especially from companies in more regulated sectors. (AEJ: Applied Economics, Vol. 8, No. 1, January 2016)

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