PhD Students 2016-2017


Phd students & Post Docs

The Department offers an ambitious Phd program in economics within Sciences Po’s Doctoral School.

Our goal is to train world-class economists and accompany our students onto the academic job market or positions in international organizations. Students are fully funded. Candidates must hold a research Master’s in Economics from Sciences Po or equivalent degree from international or French institutions of higher education.

For information concerning the outstanding curriculum of these programs, rendez-vous on the Doctoral School webpages dedicated to the Department’s Master’s in Economics and the PhD in Economics. You will also want to check out Sciences Po’s Admissions.

Phd Students 2016-2017
Names Research topics Thesis supervisor
ABBOT, Tyler Heterogeneous Preferences: Theory and Empirics Professor Nicolas Coeurdacier
AJZENMAN, Nicolas Essays on the Economics of Crime Professor Roberto Galbiati
ALLA, Zineddine International Macroeconomics Professor Philippe Martin
BELLET, Clément Consumption, Inequality and Welfare: Implications of Reference-Dependent Preferences for the Theory of Consumer Behavior Professor Philippe Martin
BONNET, Odran Le marché de l'immobilier à Paris. Estimation des paramètres structurels de demande. Professor Alfred Galichon
CETRE, Sophie Essays on social preferences and social capital Professor Yann Algan and Professor Claudia Senik
CHAPELLE, Guillaume Does social housing increase the housing stock and reduce spatial mismatch? Spatial and social implications of social housing programs Professor Étienne Wasmer
CISCATO, Edoardo Search and Matching Models : Applications to the Economics of the Family Professor Jean-Marc Robin
COLSON SIHRA, Eve Essays in Food and Social Economics: Measuring the Impact and Persistence of Social Preferences on Consumption Professor Thierry Mayer
CORTELAZ-CARRAZ, Pierre Analyse empirique des déterminants de la localisation des entreprises Professor Thierry Mayer
CUCU, Florin Labor Market Frictions and the NEG Professor Thierry Mayer
DALVIT, Nicolò Essays on the Structural Analysis of Labor Market Institutions, Unemployment Risk and Wages Professor Jean-Marc Robin
DESCHAMPS, Pierre Labour Mobility and Public Policy Professor Étienne Wasmer
DIAZ, Marco Heterogeneous Preferences: Theory and Empirics Professor Sergeï Guriev
ELGOUACEM, Assia On Optimal Management of Exhaustible Ressources Professor Thierry Mayer
EYMEOUD, Jean-Benoît Youth Unemployment and Spatial Mismatch Professor Etienne Wasmer
FANA, Marta Three essays on Italian Economics Professor Yann Algan
FIZE, Etienne Recherche en économie politique comportementale Professor Emeric Henry
GLOVER, Dylan Theory and empirics of the effects of discrimination on the job productivity and discrimination's relation to competition in explaining demographic employment differentials Professor Yann Algan
GOUEDARD, Pierre Carrières des enseignants et parcours des étudiants dans l'enseignement supérieur Professor Étienne Wasmer
GUILLOUZOUIC-LE-CORFF, Arthur Retombées technologiques et choix de localisation des firmes innovantes Professor Emeric Henry
GUYOT, Florian Analysis of the impact of reputation on economic agents through a new approach to the study of social networks Professor Yann Algan
KEENE, Jean-Louis Essays in Health and Economic Development Professor Quoc Anh Do
LOPEZ KOLKOVSKY, José Rodrigo Estimation of Unobserved Heterogeneity in the Labor Market Professor Jean-Marc Robin
LOUIS-SIDOIS, Charles Comportements électoraux et normes sociales Professor Emeric Henry
LUCA Mario Social-Democracy: opinion dynamics, echo chambers and polarization in online political networks Professor Roberto Galbiati
MAZZINI, Emanuele The impact of institutions and culture on international trade: an empirical investigation Professor Thierry Mayer
MINEA, Andrea Essays in Labor and Cultural Economics - Youth emancipation and employment Professor Yann Algan
PANON, Ludovic R. Essays in International Trade Professor Thomas Chaney
PASCAL, Julien The Dynamics of Wage Inequalities: a Search-And-Matching Approach Professor Jean-Marc Robin
PATEL, Aseem Employment protection legislation, unemployment and demographics Professor Jean-Marc Robin
POULHES, Mathilde L'immobilier: bien durable, investissement productif et actif Professor Alfred Galichon
RUEDA, Valeria Essais on the Role of Information Institutions on Economic development Professor Yann Algan
SONNTAG, Jan F. Experimental Labor Economics Professor Emeric Henry
TAN, Joanne Schooling Choice and Labour Market Mismatch - causes and consequences Professor Jean-Marc Robin
TORRE, Ivan Online news and local politics  Professor Yann Algan
TOULEMON, Léa Job quality, Health Insurance and the Price of Medical Products: Essays in Applied Economics Professor Étienne Wasmer
UMANA DAJUD, Camilo Political traits and international economic exchanges Professor Thierry Mayer
URVOY, Camille Urban Dynamics: a Theoretical Analysis of the Housing Market and an Empirical Study of Amenities Professor Étienne Wasmer
VANDEWEYER, Quentin Social Network, Social Multiplier and Labor Market Dynamics Professor Étienne Wasmer
VERTIER, Paul Economic Inequalities and Stability of Electoral Outcomes Professor Yann Algan
VILAIN, Jean-Baptiste Individual Contribution. Matching and Peer Effects in Team Settings Professor Alfred Galichon
WEBER, Simon For better or worse ? Three essays on family economics Professor Alfred Galichon
VERNET, Lucas Matching on Networks and Hedonic Models Professor Alfred Galichon
WILEMME, Guillaume Marché du travail segmenté et recherche d'emploi endogène Professor Étienne Wasmer
WOLF, Clara The impact of Sovereign Wealth Funds on global imbalances Professor Philippe Martin
YAMADA, Eiji Firm dynamics in developing countries : the role of urban agglomeration, intitutional constraints and policy interventions Professor Philippe Martin
ZAGO, Ricardo Monetary Policy and Job Polarization Professor Étienne Wasmer