PhD Students 2019-2020


Phd students & Post Docs

The Department offers an ambitious Phd program in economics within Sciences Po’s Doctoral School.

Our goal is to train world-class economists and accompany our students onto the academic job market or positions in international organizations. Students are fully funded. Candidates must hold a research Master’s in Economics from Sciences Po or equivalent degree from international or French institutions of higher education.

For information concerning the outstanding curriculum of these programs, rendez-vous on the Doctoral School webpages dedicated to the Department’s Master’s in Economics and the PhD in Economics. You will also want to check out Sciences Po’s Admissions.

Phd Students 2019-2020
Names Year of Admission Research topics Thesis supervisor Thesis Committee
ABDEL SATER, Rita 2017 Implementation of Green Nudges in Ville de Paris Yann Algan  
AUGIAS, Victor 2018 The Behavioral Rationales of Equilibrium Selection in Games Jeanne Hagenbach Jeanne Hagenbach, Eduardo Perez, Emeric Henry
AVETIAN, Vladimir 2017 The Media Bias and Opinion Dynamics in Social Media

Sergei Guriev

Pierre-Philippe Combes
Florian Oswald

CASSAGNEAU-FRANCIS, Oliver 2017 Essays en Skills and Education Ghazala Azmat  
CETRE, Sophie 2016 Essays on social preferences and social capital

Yann Algan
Claudia Senik

Robert Galibiati
Ghazala Azmat

COTTERLAZ-CARRAZ, Pierre 2014 Analyse empirique des déterminants de la localisation des entreprises Thierry Mayer

Thomas Chaney
Emeric Henry

CORBLET, Pauline 2018

A Structural Analysis of Dynamic Matching's Factors on the Labour Market

Alfred Galichon  
COUAILLIER, Cyril 2018 Financial System and the Real Economy: Interactions and Regulations Stéphane Guibaud  
CUCU, Florin 2015 Labor Market Frictions and the NEG Thierry Mayer Pierre-Philippe Combes
DALVIT, Nicolò 2015 Essays on the Structural Analysis of Labor Market Institutions, Unemployment Risk and Wages Jean-Marc Robin Florian Oswald
DELPEUCH, Samuel 2019 Globalization's New Faces Thierry Mayer  
DEWITTE, Edgard 2018 Essays on the Economics of Democracy Julia Cagé  
DIAZ, Marcos 2015 Heterogeneous Preferences: Theory and Empirics Sergei Guriev

Jean-Marc Robin
Roberto Galibiati

GYETVAI, Daniel 2019 Assessing the Optimality of the French Unemployment Insurance Scheme Pierre Cahuc  
HENRICOT, Dorian 2018 Financial Frictions, Financial Crises, and Macroprudential Policy Nicolas Coeurdacier  
KEENE, Jean-Louis 2013 Essays in Health and Economic Development Quoc Anh Do

Roberto Galbiati
Elise Huillery

LE GUERN HERRY, Ségal 2019 Économie de la fiscalité Jean-Marc Robin  
KENEDI, Gustave 2019 Intergenerational Social Mobility: Measurement, Mechanisms and Policy    
LOBUT, Clémence 2019 Les effets de l'utilisation du numérique sur les apprentissages des élèves Denis Fougère  
LOPEZ KOLKOVSKY, José Rodrigo 2015 Estimation of Unobserved Heterogeneity in the Labor Market Jean-Marc Robin  
LUCA Mario 2015 Social-Democracy: opinion dynamics, echo chambers and polarization in online political networks Roberto Galbiati

Ruben Durante,
Sergei Guriev
Julia Cagé

MARTIN-BAILLON, Alaïs G. 2017 Rethinking Monetary Policies in Heterogeneous Agents Models Xavier Ragot

Mirko Wiederholt
Jeanne Commault

MARTINS DE ALMEIDA BARRETO, Daniel 2018 Bounded Rationality in Information Economics: Theory and Experimental Evidence Eduardo Perez Jeanne Hagenbach, Frederic Koessler (PSE)
MAZET-SONILHAC, Clément J. 2017 Investment, Labor Demand, Intermediary Inputs and Capital Structure: the Role of Financing Constraints Thomas Chaney  
MINK, Julia 2016 Causal Analysis of the Effects of Life-Cycle Events on Food Consumption Behaviour and Health Etienne Wasmer

Florian Oswald
Quoc-Anh Do

MOUGIN, Elisa 2017 Essays in Media Economics

Julia Cagé
Roberto Galbiati

Benjamin Marx
PALLADINO, Marco 2019 Essays in Education and Well-Being Yann Algan  
PANON, Ludovic R. 2016 Essays in International Trade Thomas Chaney

Philippe Martin
Thierry Mayer

PASCAL, Julien 2016 Heterogeneous agents and frictional markets Jean-Marc Robin

Xavier Ragot
Florian Oswald

PATEL, Aseem 2015 Employment protection legislation, unemployment and demographics Jean-Marc Robin Zsofia Barany
PAULY, Stefan 2018 The Spatial Distribution of Economic Activity Thomas Chaney  
SAINT-JEAN, Victor 2019 Market Structure with Dark Trading Venues Stéphane Guibaud  
SANSONETTI, Jérôme 2018 Essays on Governance and Development Economics Roberto Galbiati  
SONNTAG, Jan F. 2016 Experimental Labor Economics Emeric Henry

Johannes Boehm
Julia Cagé

URVOY, Camille 2016 Urban Dynamics: a Theoretical Analysis of the Housing Market and an Empirical Study of Amenities Sergei Guriev

Julia Cagé
Emeric Henry

WONG, Zydney C. 2018 On the Role of Temporal Language in Economics Jeanne Hagenbach Jeanne Hagenbach, Roberto Galbiati
YAMADA, Eiji 2013 Firm dynamics in developing countries : the role of urban agglomeration, intitutional constraints and policy interventions Philippe Martin