Admission 2012-2013


First Year PhD Program (M1 master EPP)

The applicants who do not have a Master's degree must apply for admission to the first year of the Master's degree in Economics and Public Policy : 

At the end of the first year of this Master's program they will be eligible for  admission to the PhD program in Economics at the level of M2, i.e. the second year of Master's.

In case of successful completion of this second year of Master's as part of the PhD program in Economics, they will be awarded a Master's degree in Economics and, in case they satisfy all the requirements, they will be able to contunue their studies at the thesis level.

Third Year PhD Program 

Admission at the thesis stage :


2 sessions : February 1 and May 18, 2012

Submission of the complete application form is due either on February  1 (admission results : begining of March),  or on May 18 (admission  results : begining of July).