Job Market Candidates 2018-19

Phd students & Post Docs





Job market candidates from the Department


Placement Officer: Emeric HENRY
Administrative Support: Claudine LAMAZE


Guillaume CHAPELLE

Job Market Paper Title:

Does social housing crowd out private construction ?

Research interests:
- Urban Economics
- Housing Economics
- Public Policy Analysis
- National Accounting

References:  Etienne WASMER (NYU Abu Dhabi, Sciences Po), Pierre-Philippe COMBES (ENS Lyon, Sciences Po), Henry OVERMAN (LSE)

Guillaume CHAPELLE's website
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Job Market Paper Title:

The Changing Wage Distribution and the Decline of Marriage

Research interests:
- Labor Economics
- Family Economics 
- Matching

References: Pierre-André CHIAPPORI (Columbia University), Alfred Galichon (NYU), Jean-Marc Robin (Sciences Po Paris)

Edoardo CISCATO's website
Link to Edoardo CISCATO's CV (PDF)



Job Market Paper Title:

Gender Quotas in Recruitment Committees: A Boon or a Bane for Women

Research interests:
- Labour economics
- Discrimination
- Urban Economics

References: Ghazala AZMAT (Sciences Po), Dan HAMERMESH (Royal Holloway, University of London), Jose DE SOUSA (Université Paris-Sud) and Etienne WASMER (NYU Abu Dhabi, Sciences Po)

Pierre DESCHAMPS' website
Link to Pierre DESCHAMPS' CV (PDF)



Job Market Paper Title:

Job Search and Intermediation under Discrimination: Evidence from Terrorist Attacks in France

Research interests:
- Labor Economics
- Applied Micro
- Inequality

ReferencesYann ALGAN (Sciences Po Paris), Bruno CRÉPON (ENSAE-CREST), Amanda PALLAIS (Harvard), Mark STABILE (INSEAD)

Dylan GLOVER's website
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Valeria RUEDA

Job Market Paper Title:

Sex and the Mission: The conflicting effects of early Christian missions on HIV in sub-Saharan Africa

Research interests:

- Development Economics
- Economic History
- Applied Political Economy
- Economic Geography

References: Yann ALGAN (Sciences Po), Brian A’ HEARN (Oxford), Quoc-Anh DO (Sciences Po), Julia CAGÉ (Sciences Po)

Valeria RUEDA's website
Link to Valeria RUEDA's CV (PDF)


Guillaume WILEMME

Job Market Paper Title:

A Dynamic Empirical Model of Frictional Spatial Job Search

Research interests:
- Labor Economics
- Economic Theory
- Structural Econometrics

References: Bruno DECREUSE (Aix-Marseille Université), Christian SCHLUTER (Aix-Marseille Université), Etienne WASMER (NYU Abu Dhabi, Sciences Po)

Guillaume WILEMME's website
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