Horacio LARREGUY is an Associate Professor of Government at Harvard University. He is also an Associate of the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, of the Institute for Quantitative Social Science and of the Center for International Development, at Harvard.

His research interests include political economy and economic development using both theory and empirics. He is interested in political accountability in Africa and Latin America. In particular, he works on clientelism and vote buying, the importance of information for political accountability, whether education fosters political participation, and whenever possible, he looks at the relevance of social networks for these and other development issues.

Horacio LARREGUY will present a paper, joint with John MARSHALL and Laura TRUCCO, at the next PEPES Seminar on the theme:

Breaking Clientelism or Rewarding Incumbents ? Evidence from an Urban Titling Program in Mexico

More about Horacio LARREGUY and his research

Please note that for the second semester the PEPES Seminars will return on March 15th with Dany BAHAR.

Date: Thu, 2018/01/18 - 12:30 - 14:00
Location: PSE, Campus Jourdan, 48 bd Jourdan 75014 - ROOM R2-21
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