PEPES Seminar: Brian KNIGHT (Brown)

Brian KNIGHT is Professor of Economics at Brown University, Vice Chair of the Economics Department. He is also a NBER Research Associate. He previously worked as an economist in the Division of Research and Statistics at the Federal Reserve Board and has held visiting faculty positions at Yale University and Harvard University. He previously served as a co-editor at the Journal of Public Economics and is on the Editorial Board at the American Economic Review.

Research interests include political economy, fiscal federalism, and local public finance. His research has been published in the top peer-reviewed journals. 

Brian KNIGHT will present a paper, joint with Ana TRIBIN, at the next PEPES Seminar on the theme:

Opposition Media, State Censorship, and Political Accountability: Evidence from Chavez’s Venezuela (link to paper, PDF)

More about Brian KNIGHT and his research

This is the last PEPES Seminar of the semester: please join us in March 2020 when the series resumes !

Date: Thu, 2019/11/21 - 12:30 - 14:00
Location: PSE, 48 Boulevard Jourdan, 75014 Paris - ROOM R1-09