A partnership between Banque de France and the Department of Economics

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The Banque de France and Sciences Po's Department of Economics have forged a scientific partnership with common research projects, academic exchanges and the joint organisation of conferences.

This institutional partnership focuses on five research fields: international trade and macroeconomics; public policy evaluation; monetary economics and economics of banking; labour economics; microeconometric methodology.

This strong partnership has helped the Department to recruit permanent faculty and visitors, develop research, and undertake projects to innovate the manner in which economics is taught. It notably has contributed towards:

  • the enrichment of the Department's areas of expertise and the diversification of its faculty;
  • the organisation of a monthly research seminar series "Banks and the Financial System: What Regulation?", venue in which academics and practitioners may confront their approaches in order to imagine a regulatory framework for the world's financial system that works;
  • the Department's participation in unique projects such as that seek to innovate (and renovate) the teaching of economics today.

The Department is very grateful for the continuing support of the Banque de France that makes Sciences Po’s Department of Economics one of the most dynamic and promising departments in France and Europe.