Recent publication

Here are some of the recent titles of forthcoming or published articles of the members of the department. These can be found on the webpages of the authors.
Yann Algan has two forthcoming articles in The American Economic Review and the Quarterly Journal of Economics, on "Inherited Trust and Growth" and "Regulation and Distrust" respectively.
Etienne Wasmer has just published the lead article in the Journal of Labor Economics on "Using Alsace‐Moselle Local Laws to Build a Difference‐in‐Differences Estimation Strategy of the Employment Effects of the 35‐Hour Workweek Regulation in France".
Thierry Mayer has a forthcoming article in the  Journal of International Economics on "Exposure to foreign media and changes in cultural traits: Evidence from naming patterns in France'.
Philippe Martin has also a forthcoming article in the Journal of International Economics on "International Portfolios, Capital Accumulation and Foreign Assets Dynamics".