Lunch Seminar / Séminaire interne


This seminar is dedicated to works by doctoral students from Sciences-Po. Second and third years Phd Students are strongly advised to present here their first or second thesis chapter. On occasion, senior recearchers may present works in progress. The default language is English. 


This seminar is held on wednesdays in room H402, 28 rue des Saints-Pères, from 12h30 to 13h30. For a detailed schedule for the current year, see below.

Schedule 2010-2011 

  • 10/09 : Thomas Grjebine (Sciences-Po), "Are we still in a world where banks create money?"
  • 17/09 : Elisabeth Beasley (Sciences-Po), "Decentralization and Optimal Resource Allocation: Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation", with Elise Huillery
  • 24/09 : Gong Chen (Sciences-Po)
  • 01/10 : Gabriel Smagghue (Sciences-Po), "The spatial dependence of firms' export decisions"
  • 29/10 : Lucile Romanello (Sciences-Po), "Evaluation of the Impact of a Community-based Vaccination Campaign on Health Demand: Results from a Natural Experiment", co-écrit avec Pauline Givord (CREST-INSEE)
  • 12/11 : Urszula Szczerbowicz (OFCE - Sciences-Po) : "Unconventional monetary policies: do they impact the long-term inflation expectations?"
  • 19/11 : Dilan Ölcer (Sciences-Po), "A political economy of growth in authoritarian regimes"
  • 26/11 : Liza Archanskaia (Sciences-Po), TBA
  • 03/12 : Roberto Galdiati (CNRS), TBA
  • 07/01 : Marlène Isore (Sciences-Po), "International Propagation of Financial Shocks in a Search and Matching Environment"
  • 28/01 : Xavier Timbeau (OFCE), "Dépenses publiques d'éducation et inégalités. Une perspective de cycle de vie", avec Guillaume Allègre (OFCE) et Thomas Mélonio (AFD)

Schedule 2009-2010


Mathieu Perona, Bureau C410,


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