Master EPP : International Macroeconomics I


International Macroeconomics I

M2, Fall 2014, master EPP, Prof. Philippe Martin and Nicolas Coeurdacier


TOPICS COVERED (for the second part)

Financial globalization and world income

Capital flows, the current account and global imbalances

International real business cycles



There will be no single set text, but there will be frequent citations from the following textbook:

M. Obstfeld and K. Rogoff, Foundations of International Macroeconomics (MIT Press, 1996) (abbreviated OR in list of readings)

Also useful: Nelson C. Mark, International Macroeconomics and Finance: Theory and Econometric Methods (Blackwell Publishers, 2001)



There will be 2 problem sets (2x25%) and a final examination (50%).

Homework 1 - [delivered at lecture 4 to be handed back in class at lecture 6] - Correction

Homework 2 - [delivered at lecture 8 to be handed back in class at lecture 10] - Correction

Final exam correction

Sample final exam - Correction




Lectures 1 to 6 with Philippe Martin


Lectures 7-8 : Financial integration, Globalization and world income

Financial integration: : past and present

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The case for financial integration

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Lectures 9-10 : International capital flows and current account Dynamics
Part 1. The intertemporal approach to the current account [SLIDES]

*OR, pp. 1-39, 42-54, 59-70, 74-76, 79-89, 129-145, 161-163

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Part 2. International capital flows: assessing long-run efficiency [SLIDES]

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Part 3. Global imblances and international adjustment [SLIDES]

Olivier Blanchard and Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti, 2009, Global Imbalances: In Midstream?

Obstfeld M. and K. Rogoff, 2009, Global Imbalances and the Financial Crisis: Products of Common Causes

International adjustment

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Valuation effects and the US 'exorbitant privilege'

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Lecture 11-12. Risk sharing and International real business cycles
Part 1: Baseline one-good model [SLIDES]

*Obstfeld and Rogoff Chapter 5

Complete markets

*Backus, D., P. Kehoe and F. Kydland, ''International Business Cycles: Theory and Evidence'', quarterly review, fall 1993 (1st part)

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Incomplete markets: risk-free bond-only economy

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Part 2: International real business cycles with multiple goods [SLIDES]

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Terms-of-trade and risk-sharing with complete markets 

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Incomplete markets

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Part 3: Recent empirical evidence on International Real Business Cycles [if time permits][SLIDES]

Consumption-real exchange rate anomaly

Devereux , M.B. and Hnatkovska, V., 2011. Consumption Risk-Sharing and the Real Exchange Rate: Why does the Nominal Exchange Rate Make Such a Difference? NBER Working Papers 17288

Financial integration and business cycle comovements

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