June 11th is "PhD Day" at the Department - save the date !

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This year the Department is dedicating June 11th to celebrate our PhD students !

Our first year students will have the opportunity to present their work for the first time to their peers and faculty members:

  • Pauline CORBLET (advisor: Alfred Galichon) “Quasi dynamic matching estimation on the labor market”
  • Stefan PAULY (advisor: Thomas Chaney) “Trade, Innovation, Development
  • Cyril COUAILLIER (advisor: Stéphane Guibaud) “Amplifying Slumps, Taming Booms: the Bitter Consequences of the Financial Cycle
  • Dorian HENRICOT (advisor: Nicolas Coeurdacier) “The Impact of Bank Capital Requirements
  • Edgar DEWITTE (advisor: Julia Cagé) “Money and Political Selection: Empirical patterns over XXth Century Britain
  • Jérôme SANSONETTI (advisor : Roberto Galbiati) "Local Governance of Communal Water Points in Tanzania, an RCT"
  • Pierre VILLEDIEU (advisor : Pierre Cahuc) "How Informational Shock Can Affect Job Seekers' Behaviors : the Case of the Partial Unemployment Insurance
  • Rita ABDEL SATER (advisor: Yann Algan) "The Application of Behavioral Insights to Environmental Policy in the City of Paris"
  • Victor AUGIAS (advisor: Jeanne Hagenbach) “Dynamic Mechanism Design: Revenue Maximization, Learning and Market Crash
  • Daniel MARTINS DE ALMEIDA BARRETO  (advisor Eduardo Perez) “Belief Formation and Bounded Rationality
  • Zydney WONG (advisor: Jeanne Hagenbach) « Motivated Beliefs in Quality Analysis : présentation sur des expériences liées à la recherche non-impartielle de l'information »

WHEN? JUNE 11th, 2019 - 11:30 AM to 18:30 PM
WHERE? Department of Economics, 28, rue des Saints Pères - ROOM H 202

Link to programme (PDF)

The evening of June 11th will also give us the chance to give the warmest of sendoffs to our successful 2019 Job Market Candidates and final year students !

NB Places are unfortunately limited: if you are interested in attending but are NOT a PhD student of the Department, please contact Melissa Mundell by email.