Julia CAGÉ is awarded the 8th edition of the "Prix Pétrarque de l'Essai France Culture-Le Monde"

Julia CAGÉ, Assistant Professor of Economics and Co-Director of the LIEPP’s research group « Evaluation of Democracy », gave the inaugural address with Roland CASTRO at the annual 'Rencontres de Pétrarque' July 1st in Montpellier.

Created in 2012 by France Culture and the French daily Le Monde, the "Prix Pétrarque de l'Essai" is awarded every year to a work that sheds new light on contemporary issues of democracy.

Julia CAGÉ published her third book last Fall, entitled "Le Prix de la démocratie" (The Price of Democracy) which proposes radical new solutions for political funding so as to ensure that ALL citizens are at long last represented. Indeed, she demonstrates that the current model of political funding privileges the wealthy because of tax write-offs that only they can afford.

This is the second time this year that her book has been awarded a prize: in January 2019, Anticor, an association created in 2002 in order to combat corruption and help restore ethics in politics, conferred a "Prix Éthique" (link, in French) upon Julia CAGÉ.

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