Joan MONRAS, joint with Ferran ELIAS MORENO, awarded the Upjohn Institute Early Career Research Award (ECRA)

Joan MONRAS and co-author Ferran ELIAS MORENO were awarded an Upjohn Institute Early Career Research Award for their paper:

Understanding the Labor Market Effects of Legalizing Undocumented Immigrants

The W.E. Upjohn Institute is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan, independent research organization devoted to investigating the causes and effects of unemployment, experimenting with innovative ways to help the unemployed, and disseminating research findings. Alongside its "in-house" researchers, the Institute also provides grants to outside experts.

Every year the Upjohn Institute invites proposals for Early Career Research Awards (ECRA). These awards are intended to provide resources for junior faculty to carry out policy-related research on labor market issues. The Institute encourages research proposals on all issues related to labor markets and public workforce policy.

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