Jean Pierre LANDAU designated to lead a mission on crypto-currencies

The French Minister of Economy and Finance announced the creation of a special mission on cryptocurrencies which has been entrusted to the Department’s Affiliated Professor Jean-Pierre LANDAU.

The mission’s primary task is to “propose orientations for the evolution of current regulation” in view of "better controlling the development (of cryptocurrencies) and preventing use of them for the purposes of tax avoidance, money-laundering or the financing of criminal or terrorist activities”.

The future “Mister Bitcoin” Jean-Pierre LANDAU was Deputy Governor of the Banque de France from 2006 to 2011, member of the Board of Directors of the Bank for International Settlements, member of the Forum for Financial Stability, and of the OECD’s Working Group on Economic and Financial Policy.

Jean-Pierre LANDAU became an Affiliated Professor at SciencesPo’s Department of Economics in 2013. He went on to become the first Dean of SciencesPo’s School of Public Affairs.  He also teaches at Princeton’s Woodrow   Wilson School of Public and International Affairs as well as at Jojn Hopkins’ School of Advanced International Studies.

More about Jean-Pierre LANDAU and his research

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