Jean-Marc ROBIN has recently published articles in three important journals

Jean-Marc ROBIN and his co-authors have published three articles in the prestigious journals American Economic Review, the Journal of Econometrics and Labour Economics.

Jean-Marc ROBIN is Professor of Economics at Sciences Po since 2010 and Chair of the Department since 2013. He is also Professor of Economics at the University College London and team member of the Centre for Microdata Methods and Practice (CEMMAP) at IFS. He is a fellow of the Econometric Society and former Co-editor of Econometrica.

In 2010, Jean-Marc ROBIN was awarded an ERC Advanced Grant for his project "Wage Dynamics, Sorting Patterns in Labour Markets and Policy Evaluation" (WASP).

His research is primarily focused on microeconometrics, labour microeconomics, and search and matching.

And indeed the articles published reflect these research themes:

1/ In the American Economic Review, with Jeremy LISE: "The Macrodynamics of Sorting between Workers and Firms." (link to PDF)

We develop an equilibrium model of on-the-job search with ex ante heterogeneous workers and firms, aggregate uncertainty, and vacancy creation. The model produces rich dynamics in which the distributions of unemployed workers, vacancies, and worker-firm matches evolve stochastically over time. We prove that the surplus function, which fully characterizes the match value and the mobility decision of workers, does not depend on these distributions. This result means the model is tractable and can be estimated. We illustrate the quantitative implications of the model by fitting to US aggregate labor market data from 1951-2012. The model has rich implications for the cyclical dynamics of the distribution of skills of the unemployed, the distribution of types of vacancies posted, and sorting between heterogeneous workers and firms.

2/ In the Journal of Econometrics, with Stéphane BONHOMME and Koen JOCHMANS: "Nonparametric estimation of non-exchangeable latent-variable models" (link to PDF)

We propose a two-step method to nonparametrically estimate multivariate models in which the observed outcomes are independent conditional on a discrete latent variable. Applications include microeconometric models with unobserved types of agents, regime-switching models, and models with misclassification error. In the first step, we estimate weights that transform moments of the marginal distribution of the data into moments of the conditional distribution of the data for given values of the latent variable. In the second step, these conditional moments are estimated as weighted sample averages. We illustrate the method by estimating a model of wages with unobserved heterogeneity on PSID data.

3/ In Labour Economics, with Marion GOUSSÉ and Nicolas JACQUEMENT: "Household labour supply and the marriage market in the UK, 1991-2008" (link to PDF)

We document changes in labour supply, wage and education by gender and marital status using the British Household Panel Survey, 1991-2008, and seek to disentangle the main channels behind these changes. To this end, we use a version of Goussé et al. (2016)'s search-matching model of the marriage market with labour supply, which does not use information on home production time inputs. We derive conditions under which the model is identified. We estimate different parameters for each year. This allows us to quantify how much of the changes in labour supply, wage and education by gender and marital status depends on changes in the preferences for leisure of men and women and how much depends on changes in homophily.

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