How can we renew the teaching of economics? COREecon press meeting, May 30th

SciencesPo and the COREecon team will be holding a press briefing on May 30th to mark the launching of the French version of COREecon and on the theme:

Teaching Economics: the need for renewal

Considered to be too theoretical, too abstract with respect to real-world issues such as inequality, economic recessions or climate change, too limited with respect to human behaviour, the teaching of economics is being challenged all around the world and, in particular, in France.

How can French students be enticed to learn economics? How can France's "economic culture" be strengthened?

COREecon project offers an alternative way of teaching economics. It is an international, collaborative venture that takes root in the latest breakthroughs in economics science in order to teach economics "as if the last three decades had happened".

To learn more, you are invited to attend the press briefing with the present of:
- Frédéric MION, Director of Sciences Po
- Yann ALGAN, Professor of Economics at the Department, Dean of the School of Public Affairs at Sciences Po and contributor to CORE;
- Samuel BOWLES, Arthur Spiegel Research Professor, Director of the Behavioral Sciences Program at the Santa Fe Institute and co-founder and author of CORE
- Wendy CARLIN, Professor of Economics at UCL and co-founder and author of CORE

When? WEDNESDAY, May 30th, 2018 - at 12:00 PM
Where? Department of Economics, 28 rue des Saints Pères - ROOM H405

REGISTRATION IS MANDATORY: in order to sign up please fill out the form online (link to register)


More information concerning the project COREecon, in English (link) and in French (link)