Ghazala AZMAT awarded ANR "Tremplin" grant for her project ASPIRE

Designed to improve France’s success rate in European Research Council (ERC) calls, Tremplin-ERC (T-ERC) is a funding instrument set up by ANR as part of its 2018 Work Programme.

Ghazala AZMAT, Professor of Economics, who joined the Department in 2016, has been awarded a "Tremplin-ERC" grant by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR) for her project "ASPIRE: Aspirations, Gender and the Labor Market".

The project aims to understand the role of aspirations in understanding gender differences in labor market outcomes. Its objectives include the early measurement of aspirations and understanding how aspirations are formed, both in education and in employment environments. Moreover, the project focuses on the influence of aspirations on labor decisions and their employment consequences.

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