Front row, centre to “half a century of financial crises": the extraordinary career of Jacques de Larosière

Jacques de Larosière, Adjunct Professor at the Department of Economics and who has taught at SciencesPo for many years, publishes his memoirs: “50 ans de crises financières”.

A unique testimony”, according to Jean-Pierre ROBIN, journalist for Le Figaro, “Jacques de Larosière lived through them from the inside.

Indeed, the long and extraordinary career of Jacques de Larosière began in the corridors of the Ministry of Finance at the palais du Louvre under Charles de Gaulle and would lead him successively to the french Treasury as Director, then to to the IMF as Head for nine years, and then on to the Banque de France as Governor before presiding the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).  Since 1998, Jacques de la Rosière is Advisor to BNP Parisbas. Following the financial crisis in 2008, the European Commission, mandated Jacques de la Rosière to draft a crucial report: he advocated the creation of a “European Systemic Risk Board” to assess information about financial stability.

As Jean-Pierre ROBIN writes: “In choosing to entitle his memoirs 50 ans de crises financières, Jacques de Larosière describes, year after year, the inexorable and pernicious escalation of financial instability, the worst the world has ever seen. No other witness in France, or abroad, has been front row centre as long as he has…

Jacques de Larosière’s memoirs were published May 4th at Odile Jacob.

To read Jean-Pierre ROBIN's full article 'Un demi-siècle de crises financières: pourquoi elles ressurgissent sans cesse' in Le Figaro, please use SciencesPo's institutional access (LINK).

More information about "50 and de crises financières" (LINK to ed. Odile Jacob)