FRIDAY Seminar: Xavier RAGOT (Sciences Po)

Xavier RAGOT is Professor of Economics and CNRS Director of Research at the Department. He is also President of the OFCE. He is also a Member of the Conseil d'analyse économique and of the Conseil économique de la Nation. Previously he has served as a high-ranking civil servant: as Chief Economist at the Ministry of Economics in 2012 and as Senior Economist for the Banque de France from 2008 to 2011.

His research interests focus on macroeconomics, incomplete markets (theory and computation) and monetary economics.

Xavier RAGOT will present a paper at the next Friday Seminar on the theme:

Social Preferences and the Optimal Dynamics of Public Debt and Taxes (link to paper to follow)

More about Xavier RAGOT and his research

The next Friday Seminar will host Julia CAGÉ (Sciences Po) on November 29th.

Date: Fri, 2019/11/22 - 12:30 - 14:00
Location: Department of Economics, 28, rue des Saints Pères - ROOM H 405