FRIDAY Seminar: Pamfili ANTIPA (Visiting Assistant Professor, on leave from the Banque de France)

Pamfili ANTIPA is a Research Economist in the Monetary Policy Division of the Banque de France and Associate Faculty and Researcher at the Department.

Pamfili ANTIPA’s research interests include: Economic History, Monetary Economics, Political Economy, and Time Series Econometrics.

Pamfili ANTIPA will present a paper, joint with Christophe CHAMLEY, at the next Friday Seminar on the theme:

Regimes of Fiscal and Monetary Policies in England during the French Wars (1793‐1821) (link to paper forthcoming)

More about Pamfili ANTIPA and her research

The next Friday Seminar will host Sophie CÊTRE on June 28th.


Date: Fri, 2019/06/21 - 12:30 - 14:00
Location: Department of Economics, 28, rue des Saints Pères - ROOM H 101