*LOCATION UPDATE* - EXCEPTIONAL Departmental Seminar: Leonardo BURSZTYN (University of Chicago)

Leonardo BURSZTYN is an Assistant Professor at the Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics of the University of Chicago. He is also a Faculty Research Fellow at NBER, and an Affiliate for the Bureau for Research and Economic Analysis of Development (BREAD), the J-PAL and the California Center for Population Research (CCPR).

His research interests include Behavioral Economics, Political Economy and Development Economics.

Leonardo BURSZTYN will present a paper at the next Departmental Seminar on the theme:

Misperceived Social Norms: Female Labor Force Participation in Saudi Arabia

More about Leonard BURSZTYN and his research

Date: Thu, 2018/05/24 - 14:45 - 16:15
Location: Department of Economics, 28 rue des Saints Pères - Amphi CAQUOT