Conference Cycle: "The Compliance Tools" - 1st session on 'Risk Mapping' November 28th: REGISTRATION IS OPEN !


The Department of Economics is pleased to support the exceptional cycle of conferences organised by the Journal of Regulation (JoR) under the scientific co-supervision of Marie-Anne FRISON-ROCHE, Professor of Regulatory Law and Compliance Law at Sciences Po and Director of the JoR. 

Every year the JoR organises a cycle of conferences over the academic year (from November 2019 to June 2020) highlighting one specific theme related to compliance (and compliance law in the making).

This year's theme is dedicated to "compliance tools" (read more on the JoR's website - link) and the content of the conferences will be transcribed and published as two books. And the Department is kicking off this year's cycle with a conference-debate (in French) on the subject of "Risk Mapping".

"Risk Mapping is defined as a process of identifying, evaluating and prioritizing risks: it is an integral and fundamental part of an effective global strategy for managing these risks. As a central tool for Compliance, this approach may not be radically new, but the Risk Mapping Technique is now renewed and sometimes compromised by the emergence of new Risks, often due to their new multiform nature."
Read more (link)

The Department's Executive Director, Guillaume SARRAT DE TRAMEZAIGUES, is the scientific coordinator of this first session that will host:

  • Marie-Anne FRISON-ROCHE, Full Professor of Regulatory Law and Compliance Law, Sciences Po
  • Jean-François GUILLEMIN, former General Secretary of the Bouygues Group
  • Lamia LIABES, Chief Operating Office, HSBS France
  • Guillaume SARRAT DE TRAMEZAIGUES, Executive Director of Sciences Po's Department of Economics

When ? THURSDAY, November 28th - 7:15 to 9:15 PM
Where ? Department of Economics, 28, rue des Saints Pères, 75007 Paris - AMPHI SIMONE VEIL

If you would like to attend please follow the procedure indicated, in French, on the JoR's website (link)