Emeric HENRY is participating in the UTTO Project awarded an ANR « PRC » grant

Emeric HENRY, Professor of Economics, is participating in a new 3-year collaborative research project (« PRC ») entitled University Technology Transfer & its Optimization (« UTTO ») that has been selected by the ANR, the French National Research Agency, for funding.

The UTTO Project was submitted in response to the ANR’s 2015 call for generic proposals that listed 10 societal challenges, among which the "Societal Challenge n°8: innovative, inclusive and adaptive societies".

Professor Henry will be working alongside researchers from three other UMR-CNRS laboratories: GRETHA (University of Bordeaux), BETHA (University of Strasbourg) and the CES (University of Paris I) whose main goal is to « contribute to the implementation of an efficient ecology of university technology transfer ». Indeed the UTTO Project will « provide an enriched description of university technology transfer and all its related contractual and incentive issues (opportunistic behaviors of academic inventors, strategies of the TTOs, initiatives of the companies to more efficiently ‘source’ academic technologies and knowledge) ». UTTO is coordinated by Nicolas CARAYOL from GRETHA.

Emeric HENRY is a microeconomist with special interests in economics of innovation, political economy and experimental economics.

Congratulations !

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