DEPARTMENTAL Seminar: Yinghua HE (Rice University)

Yinghua HE is an Assistant Professor of Economics, visiting faculty at PSE this Fall, on leave from Rice University. He has previously held positions at the Toulouse School of Economics.

His research focuses on issues in applied micro, labor, and education. Some of his recent work looks at market design, both empirically and theoretically, in school choice with applications relating to school choice programs in Beijing and Paris.

His work has been awarded  a number of prizes and reserach grants - he was notably awarded the "Young Researcher in Economics" Prize by the Fondation Banque de France in 2014 and just this past year the American Economic Journal bestowed him the Microeconomics Best Paper Award.

Yinghua HE will present a paper, joint with Yeon-Koo Che and Dong Woo Hahm, at the next Departmental Seminar on the theme:

Leveraging Uncertainties to Infer Preferences: Robust Analysis of School Choice with Lotteries

More about Yinghua HE and his research

Date: Mon, 2019/10/14 - 14:45 - 16:15
Location: Department of Economics, 28 rue des Saints Pères - ROOM H 405