Departmental Seminar : Thomas PIKETTY (PSE)


Thomas PIKETTY is Professor of Economics at the Paris School of Economics (PSE) and at the École des Hautes Études des Sciences Sociales (EHESS) as well as Co-Director of the World Wealth and Income Database (WID). He will present his paper, joint with Facundo Alvaredo, Lucas Chance, Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman, at the next Departmental Seminar:

Global Inequality Dynamics: New Findings from WID.WORLD (LINK to PDF)

More about Thomas PIKETTY and his research


Date: Mon, 2017/03/20 - 14:45 - 16:45
Location: Department of economics, 28 rue des St Pères, 75007 Paris - Room H 405
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