Departmental Seminar: Greg KAPLAN (University of Chicago)

Greg KAPLAN is Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago. He was previously Professor at the Department of Economics at Princeton University, Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Pennsylvania and an Economist in the Research Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. He has held visiting positions at the University of New South Wales and the Reserve Bank of Australia. He is an Editor at the Review of Economic Dynamics, a Research Associate at NBER and a Research Fellow at the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

His research spans macroeonomics, labor economics and applied microeconomics, with a focus on the distributional consequences of economic policies and economic forces. He has published extensively on the topics of inequality, risk sharing, unemployment, household formation, migration, fiscal policy and monetary policy.

Greg KAPLAN will present a paper, joint with Andreas FUSTER and Basit ZAFAR, at the next Departmental Seminar on the theme:

What Would You Do with $500? Spending Responses to Gains, Losses, News and Loans (link to paper)

More about Greg KAPLAN and his research

The next Departmental Seminar will host Jonah ROCKOFF on April 16th.

Date: Mon, 2018/04/09 - 14:45 - 16:15
Location: Department of Economics, 28 rue des Saints Pères - Room H405