*LOCATION UPDATE* Departmental READING GROUP: kick-off session FRIDAY, September 8th !

Undertaking a PhD in economics can sometimes be a daunting and isolating experience. The Department’s “Reading Group” was created in order to bring together PhD students (and Master in Economics students) once a week with this in mind.

Under the expert supervision of Professor Guy LAROQUE, the Department's « Reading Group » pursues a triple objective:
- Help PhD students develop their critical and analytical skills of "the literature" ;
- Broaden their horizons through the exploration of new or different topics in economics other than those they are studying as well as deepen their understanding of economics in general and current research developments in particular;
- Hone their presentation and academic debating skills

The Department’s faculty members are naturally invited to attend as well!

How does it work? Each week, a PhD student is invited to present a “reading” (paper, article, excerpt from a book…) that all members of the group have read beforehand. A Q&A and a debate then follow the presentation.
Information concerning the readings to be covered is available on the Reading Group’s website (link)

When?  Every Friday morning, from 10:15 to 12:15
Where? SciencesPo, 9 rue de la Chaise – Room 911

Contact? Ludovic PANON (email)

The first session will take place Friday, September 8th: learn more about the Departmental Reading Group!