The CORE Project partnership for the innovation of teaching economics

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The CORE Project, spearheaded by the Institute for New Economic Thinking (Oxford Martin School), sets out to turn upside down the way economics is taught to undergraduates by “total(ly) re-think(ing)… the economics syllabus and teaching methods” (Wendy Carlin, director of the INET CORE curriculum).

The project is in perfect alignment with Sciences Po’s Department of Economics own goals and realisations, notably at the undergraduate level, since its inception in 2009. Precursor in piloting a fundamentally new approach to the manner in which economics is taught, Sciences Po was quick to answer the CORE Project’s call for institutional partners.

This has resulted in the creation of a unique, free, open-access course online – “The Economy” at

The course aims to answer 5 questions, without shirking complexity, new ideas, comprehensiveness, institutions, reflexivity and empiricism:

  • What is economics about?
  • Who are the main economic actors?
  • What can markets do? (and what can they not do?)
  • How can public policies improve economic performance?
  • How do economists produce knowledge?

Sciences Po is one of CORE’s five institutional partners that span five continents and Yann Algan, faculty member of the Department of Economics, is a CORE curriculum material contributor.

The Department would like to express its gratitude for the generous support of the Banque de France, which has allowed it to be an essential player in the CORE Project.