Contribute to the Presidential debate on the economy !

Alternatives économiques, ADE SciencesPo and the BDE need your questions !

Participate in an inter-party economic debate Wednesday March 29th with the representatives of five presdidential candidates...

Alternatives économiques' journalist and editorialist Christian CHAVAGNEUX will ask YOUR questions concerning their economic programmes (link to electronic form).

Guest speakers:

- Jacques GÉNÉREUX will represent Jean-Luc Mélenchon
- Julia CAGÉ will represent Benoît Hamon
- Philippe MARTIN will represent Emmanuel Macron
- Philippe MURER will represent Marine Le Pen
- François Fillon's representative has yet to be confirmed definitely: stay tuned...

When? WEDNESDAY, March 29th - 7:15 PM
Where? 13, rue de l'Université - AMPHI Jean Moulin

REGISTRATION IS MANADATORY and places are limited (link to registration form)