Congratulations to the Department's international job market candidates !

2018-19 was an excellent year for the Department’s junior researchers!

Our PhD programme’s goal is to train world-class economists and accompany our students onto the academic job market or positions in international organizations. In order to ensure that they get to where they want to go, our graduate cohort is deliberately small - we admit under 20 students per year and fully fund them.

In 2018-19 a record number of our young doctors were on the job market: all eight job have successfully secured positions in universities and other institutions across Europe !

Clément BELLET

Post-doctoral Fellow at INSEAD, Research Associate at the LSE's Centre for Economic Performance as well as Visiting Researcher at PSE's CEPREMAP, Clément BELLET will be joining the Erasmus School of Economics in Rotterdam as Assistant Professor.

Clément BELLET was awarded a PhD in Economics in 2017 for his thesis "Inequality, Social Preferences and Consumer Behavior" (supervised by Nicolas COEURDACIER).

Research interests: 
Behavioral Economics
- Quantitative Marketing and Big Data
- Subjective Well-Being
- Inequality and Poverty

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Guillaume CHAPELLE

Post-doctoral Fellow at SciencesPo's LIEPP, Guillaume CHAPELLE will be joining full-time faculty at the University of Cergy Pontoise as Assistant Professor.

Guillaume CHAPELLE was awarded a PhD in Economics in 2017 for his thesis "Land and the Housing Market: Three essays on the role of land and its implications for public policies" (supervised by Etienne WASMER).

Research interests:
- Urban Economics
- Housing Economics
- Public Policy Analysis
- National Accounting

More about Guillaume CHAPELLE and his research



Currently PhD candidate at the Department, Edoardo CISCATO will be joining the permanent faculty of the University of Leuven this Fall as Assistant Professor.

Edoardo CISCATO will soon be defending his thesis "Search and Matching Models : Applications to the Economics of the Family" (supervised by Jean-Marc ROBIN and Alfred GALICHON).

Research interests:
- Labor Economics
- Family Economics
- Matching

More about Edoardo CISCATO and his research


Post-doctoral Fellow at Economics Department of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for the past two years, Ève COLSON-SIHRA will be joining the same Department as an Assistant Professor of Economics in September 2019.

Ève COLSON-SIHRA was awarded a PhD in Economics at Sciences Po in 2017 for her thesis "Consumption, social interactions and preferences", under the supervision of Thierry MAYER and Olivier ALLAIS (INRA-Aliss).

Research interests:
- Development, Cultural and Social Economics, 
- Consumer Behavior,
- International Trade,
- Inequality

More about Ève COLSON-SIHRA and her research



Post-doctoral Fellow at SciencesPo's LIEPP, Pierre DESCHAMPS will be joining the full-time faculty of the University of Stockholm (SOFI) as Assistant Professor.

Pierre DESCHAMPS was awarded a PhD in Economics in 2018 for his thesis "Discrimination and Public Policy" (supervised by Etienne WASMER and Jose DE SOUSA).

Research interests:
- Labour economics
- Discrimination
- Urban Economics

More about Pierre DESCHAMPS and his research



Post-doctoral Fellow at INSEAD, winner of the 2018 "Young Labour Economist Award" (European Association of Labour Economists) for his job market paper and of the AFSE's 2018 "Edmond Malinvaud Prize", Dylan GLOVER will be joining INSEAD's full-time faculty next Fall as Assistant Professor.

Dylan GLOVER was awarded a PhD in Economics in 2017 for his thesis "Essays in Labor Economics: Discrimination, Productivity and Matching" (supervised by Yann ALGAN). 

Research interests:
- Labor Economics
- Applied Micro
- Inequality

More about Dylan GLOVER and his research


Valeria RUEDA

Rokos Career Development Fellow in Economics at Pembroke College at the Univeristy of Oxford, member of the Economic and Social History group, a joint research group between the Department of Economics and the History Faculty at Oxford, Valeria RUEDA will be joining the full-time faculty of the University of Nottingham as Assistant Professor.

Valeria RUEDA was awarded a PhD in Economics in 2016 for her thesis "When the times they’re not a changin' : Essays on the persistent effects of religion, investments, and ancestry on economic, social, and political behaviors at the subnational level" (supervised by Yann ALGAN).

Research interests:
- Development Economics
- Economic History
- Applied Political Economy
- Economic Geography

More about Valeria RUEDA and her research

Guillaume WILEMME

Post-doctoral Fellow at the Aix-Marseille School of Economics, Guillaume WILEMME will be joining the full-time faculty at the University of Leicester as Lecturer.

Guillaume WILEMME was awarded a PhD in Economics in 2016 for his thesis "Searching on the Labor Market: Theoretical Implications and Empirical Evidence" (supervised by Etienne WASMER and Fabien POSTEL-VINAY).

Research interests:
Labor Economics
- Economic Theory
- Structural Econometrics

More about Guillaume WILEMME and his research


Riccardo ZAGO

Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Global Institute for Advanced Studies at New York University, Riccardo ZAGO will be joining the Banque de France this Fall.

Riccardo ZAGO was awarded a PhD in Economics in 2018 for his thesis "Three Essays in Applied Macro" (supervised by Etienne WASMER).

Research interests:
- Macroeconomics
- Macro-Finance
- Macro-Labor
- Monetary Policy


More about Riccardo ZAGO and his research