Brain 'drain' or 'trickle'? Etienne WASMER analyses the increasing international mobility of French graduates

Department faculty member and co-director of LIEPP, Etienne WASMER has co-authored with Cecilia GARCIA-PENALOSA (AMSE) an important report for the CAE last week.

After relativising the magnitude of France's 'brain drain' in comparison to her european neighbours, the report nevertheless points to the problematic expatriation of French "talents" who seem to be the most mobile of all - and who do not choose to return.

Wasmer and Garcia-Penalosa outline a 3-point strategy aimed not so much as preventing the most qualified graduates from leaving as encouraging them to return and attracting the arrival of international counterparts.

The Conseil d'Analyse Économique is an independent advisory body that reports directly to the French Prime Minister on economic issues. Three of the Department's faculty members sit as one of the CAE's 15 academic members (Philippe Martin,  Etienne Wasmer and Xavier Ragot) and one of them is a correspondent (Yann Algan).

Link to full CAE Report n°31 (PDF, in French).
Link to article "La France doit se préparer à l'émigration de ses cerveaux" published in the daily newspaper Le Monde, May 17th.

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