Banque de France/SciencesPo International Research Workshop - The Granularity of Macroeconomic Fluctuations: where do we stand?

The Department of Economics and the Banque de France are pleased to announce the organisation of an exceptional workshop that will investigate the macroeconomic consequences of the “granularity” of key microeconomic variables, such as firms’ size or productivity, or households’ income.

Indeed, recent influential studies have documented the fact that the size of firms, as well as the income and the wealth of households, typically follow fat-tailed, Power law distributions in developed economies. In this context, several authors have explored the role of micro shocks on large firms, and their dissemination along production networks, shaping economy-wide fluctuations, both from a theoretical and empirical perspective.

Bringing together renowned scholars and contributors of this field, the workshop aims to take stock of this new area of research that bridges micro- and macroeconomics, thereby highlighting new ways that rigorous research based on rich microeconomic datasets can inform central banks’ understanding of macroeconomic developments.

Link to programme (PDF)

When? JUNE 24th, 2016 - 8:45 AM to 6 PM
Where? Banque de France Conference Center, Paris.
By invitation only

Programme Committee: Philippe ANDRADE (Banque de France), Thierry MAYER (Sciences Po), Isabelle MÉJEAN (Ecole Polytechnique), Jean-Stéphane MÉSONNIER (Banque de France), Sébastien ROUX (INSEE).