Foundational 2-Year Master's in Economics

Our Master's in Economics is the gateway to the PhD in Economics!

The program is for students seeking to acquire technical, quantitative and concrete skills in economics. It enables students to pursue a PhD (it is the only Sciences Po Masters degree that qualifies students for a doctorate in economics), but also provides access to careers requiring technical skills such as international organizations, think tanks and consulting services.

This Masters program is now internationally renowned:  
• The top graduates of this Masters who subsequently pursued a PhD were admitted to the most prestigious PhD programs, such as those offered by Berkeley, Yale and Duke, as well as Sciences Po's doctoral program. 
• The Masters in Economics is part of the prestigious European Masters Programme network that includes LSE, Oxford and Bocconi, among others, and is funded by Unicredit, which offers scholarships for top candidates.
• The team of international professors teaching in the Masters are mostly members of Sciences Po's department of economics.

To learn more about this programme as well as requirements for admission, please check out Sciences Po’s Doctoral School website !

This Master's is also available in the form of a joint degree with Paris 1: Dual Degree in Economics and Quantitative Economics.