Foundational 2-Year Master's Programs

Sciences Po's Department of Economics offers a broad range of master degrees in the fields of economics, finance and business that are tailored to meet the aspirations of students looking to careers in higher education and research or to careers in top corporate environments.

World-renowned professors and visiting professors along with leading professionals teach over 180 applied and job insertion oriented courses annually. Almost all courses are offered in English with an exception for the Master in Finance et Stratégie, which counts about 50% of its compulsory courses in French.

To accompany students onto the job market, the Department of Economics has developed solid corporate partnerships (see partners webpage) and two recruitment breakfasts per week all year long with dedicated job and internship offers from French and international leading companies such as Société Générale, PWC, Mazars, L'Oreal, Rothschild & Cie... The Department's student association contributes greatly to facilitating entry onto this cutting-edge job market with activities linked to alumnis meetings, interview training and career presentations.

If you have just earned your bachelor’s degree - or will by the end of the academic year – you may choose from 3 master’s programs:


Specialized 1-Year Master's Programs (Master 2)

Based on a systematic praxis-oriented approach and solid technical training, the Department’s 1-year Master’s programs prepare students for today’s challenges facing the banking and insurance industries as well as corporations.

Their intensive format, the breadth and depth of the training, as well as our commitment to provide personal mentoring and career guidance, make them unique.

If you have already completed at least one year of study at the graduate level and would like to acquire an in-depth specialization, you may choose from 3 master’s programs:

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Dual Degrees

Sciences Po's Department of Economics offers 6 dual degrees with leading universities in various fields of studies and expertise. These programs offer the opportunity of graduating from both institutions - about 50 students are registered in these programs every year.

Please note that the Department is not accepting applications for the Dual Degree Sciences Po – Columbia University and the Dual Degree Sciences Po - MGIMO for the 2016 intake.

The Department of Economics offers Dual Degrees in:

Master in Economics

Master in Finance et Stratégie

Master in Economics and Business