“There are no right-wing economics or left-wing economics, there are just economics that serve the people.”

"Economics that serve the people".

This is the message that Yann ALGAN, Department faculty member and Dean of SciencesPo's School of Public Affairs, strives to get across in the classroom. "To do so, his pedagogical approach is somewhat unconventional. Readings, videos, and mathematics are completed with rap battles, a touch of humour, and a wide range of interesting outfits."

Curiosity been piqued ?

Yann ALGAN has been featured in SciencesPo's new web series "Prof." - check it out (link)!

Even more curious ?

You may also want to look at a pedagogical project to which Yann ALGAN and SciencesPo are important contributors: core-econ - Teaching economics as if the last three decades had happened (link)

More about Yann ALGAN and his research