25-11-2014 | TRADE Seminar : Priya Ranjan (UC Irvine)
Seminar organized by Thierry Mayer, Lionel Fontagné (PSE) "Globalization, Jobs, and Welfare: The Roles of Social Protection and Redistribution"
28-11-2014 | 7th Joint French Macro Workshop
The seventh Joint French Macro Workshop organized jointly by CREST, École Polytechnique, PSE, Sciences Po, TSE, with the support of Foundation Banque de France will take place on 28 November 2014 in Paris. To register, please send the attached form, or write to :
01-12-2014 | Department Seminar : Claudio Michelacci (CEMFI, Madrid)
Seminar organized by Roberto Galbiati and Koen Jochmans "Optimal Life Cycle Unemployment Insurance" joint with Hernan Ruff o (UTDT)
02-12-2014 | TRADE Seminar Sciences Po/PSE : Kerem Cosar (University of Chicago)
Seminar organized by Thierry Mayer...
03-12-2014 | Seminar Banque de France / Sciences Po: Bruno Biais (TSE)
Seminar organized by Vivien Levy-Garboua (BNP Paribas), Robert Ophèle (Banque de France),Philippe MARTIN (Sciences Po)  
05-12-2014 | Sciences Po Lunch Seminar : Eve Colson and Johannes Buggle
1st speaker: Eve Colson 2nd speaker: Johannes Buggle
OFCE - Workshop on Empirical Monetary Economics 2014 Programme
08-12-2014 | Department Seminar : Thierry Magnac (TSE)
Seminar organized by Roberto Galbiati and Koen Jochmans "College Choice Allocation Mechanisms:Structural Estimates and Counterfactuals" joint with José-Raimundo Carvalho (CAEN, Universidade Federal do Cearà) and Qizhou Xiong (TSE)
09-12-2014 | TRADE Seminar : Nuno Limao (Maryland)
Seminar organized by Thierry Mayer...
12-12-2014 | Sciences Po Lunch Seminar : Arthur Silve
Seminar organized by Sidartha Gordon...
15-12-2014 | Department Seminar : Alessandra Voena (Chicago)
Seminar organized by Roberto Galbiati ...