20-01-2017 | *SCHEDULE UPDATE* Felipe Valencia Caicedo (University of Bonn) - EXCEPTIONAL seminar
Felipe VALENCIA CAICEDO Felipe VALENCIA CAICEDO, PhD Universitat Pompeu Fabra (2015) and Assistant Professor (tenure-track) at the University of Bonn, will present his paper: The Mission: Economic Persistence, Human Capital Transmission and Culture in South America (link to PDF) Research fields: Development Economics, Economic History, Economic Growth More about Felipe VALENCIA CAICEDO and his research
23-01-2017 | *UPDATED* David Jimenez-Gomez (MIT) - Job talk
David JIMENEZ-GOMEZ David JIMENEZ-GOMEZ, PhD at MIT (2015) and Postdoctoral Scholar at the Becker Friedman Institute of the University of Chicago, will present his job market paper: Nudging and Phishing: A Theory of Behavioral Welfare Economics (link to PDF) Research fields: Primary field: Behavioral and Experimental Economics Secondary fields: Theory, Health References: Daron ACEMOGLU (MIT), John LIST (University of Chicago), Abhijit BANERJEE (MIT) More about David JIMENEZ-GOMEZ and his research  
24-01-2017 | *UPDATED* TRADE Seminar Sciences Po/PSE : Pol ANTRAS (Harvard)
Pol ANTRÀS Professor Pol ANTRÀS, Robert G. Ory Professor of Economics at Harvard University, Research Associate at NBER and Research Affiliate at CEPR, will present a paper at the next Paris Trade Seminar, joint with Alonso DE GORTARI (PhD candidate Harvard) and Oleg ITSKHOKI (Princeton): Globalization, Inequality and Welfare (link to PDF) More about Pol ANTRÀS and his research
25-01-2017 | *UPDATED* Krzysztof Karbownik (Northwestern) - Job talk
Krzysztof KARBOWNIK Krzysztof KARBOWNIK, PhD Uppsala University (2013), Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Institute for Policy Research of Northwestern University, will present his job market paper, joint with Anthony WRAY (Hitotsubashi University): Long-run consequences of exposure to natural disasters (link to PDF) Research fields: Applied Microeconomics (family, health, education and labour) More about Krzyztof KARBOWNIK and his research  
27-01-2017 | *UPDATED* Daniel Ershov (University of Toronto) - Job talk
Daniel ERSHOV Daniel ERSHOV, PhD Candidate at the University of Toronto, will present his job market paper: The Effect of Consumer Search Costs on Entry and Quality in the Mobile App Market (link to PDF) Research fields: Primary field: Empirical Industrial Organization (firm competition, market regulation, online markets) Secondary fields: Applied Microeconomics, Applied Econometrics References: Victor AGUIRREGABIRIA (University of Toronto), Avi GOLDFARB (Rotman School of Management, U of Toronto), Heski BAR-ISAAC (Rotman School of Management, U of Toronto) More about Daniel ERSHOV and his research    
30-01-2017 | *UPDATED* Sanghmitra Gautam (UCL) - Job talk
Sanghmitra GAUTAM Sanghmitra GAUTAM, PhD Candidate at University College London, will present her job market paper: Household (Under) Adoption of Sanitation: Externalities and Borrowing Constraints (link to PDF) Research fields: Development Economics, Applied Microeconometrics, Public Economics References: Orazio ATTANASIO (UCL), Aureo DE PAULA (UCL), Michela TINCANI (UCL), Toru KITAGAWA (UCL) More about Sanghmitra GAUTAM and her research  
31-01-2017 | Mathieu Marcoux (University of Toronto) - Job talk
Mathieu MARCOUX Mathieu MARCOUX, PhD candidate at the University of Toronto, will present his job market paper: Games with unobservable heterogeneity and multiple equilibria: An application to mobile telecommunications (link PDF) Research fields: Econometrics, Industrial Organization References: Victor AGUIRREGABIRIA (U of Toronto), Christian GOURIÉROUX (U of Toronto), Ismael MOURIFIÉ (U of Toronto), Yuanyuan WAN (U of Toronto) More about Mathieu MARCOUX and his research  
03-02-2017 | Basile Grassi (Oxford) - Job talk
Basile GRASSI Basile GRASSI, PhD at PSE, Paris I and CREST (2015) and Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Nuffield College, Oxford, will present his job market paper: IO in I-O: Competition and Volatility in Input-Output Networks (link to PDF) Research fields: Macroeconomics, Firm Dynamics, Micro-origin of Aggregate Fluctuations, Input-Output Network, Growth Theory References: Florin BILBIIE (PSE, Paris I), Jean IMBS (PSE), Vasco M. CARVALHO (Cambridge), Paul BEAUDRY (University of British Columbia) More about Basile GRASSI and his research  
06-02-2017 | *UPDATED* Mara Squicciarini (Northwestern University) - Job talk
Mara SQUICCIARINI Mara SQUICCIARINI, PhD at the University of Leuven (2014) and Postdoctoral Fellow at Northwestern University, will present her job market paper: Devotion and Development: Religiosity, Education, and Economic Progress in 19th century France (link to PDF) Research fields: Economic History, Applied Microeconomics References: Joel MOKYR (Northwestern), Nico VOIGTLÄNDER (UCLA Anderson School of Management), Johan SWINNEN (Leuven), Ran ABRAMITZKY (Stanford) More about Mara SQUICCIARINI and her research  
17-02-2017 | Friday Seminar : Edoardo Ciscato
Edoardo CISCATO (PhD candidate SciencesPo) will present his paper: Marriage, Divorce and Unemployment Risk
21-02-2017 | TRADE Seminar Sciences Po/PSE : Beata JAVORCIK (Oxford)
Beata JAVORCIK Professor Beata JOVORCIK, Professor of Economics at Oxford University and Research Fellow at CEPR, CESifo and the Nottingham Centre for Research on Globalisation and Economic Policy, will present a paper at the next Paris Trade Seminar: Title TBA More about Beata JAVORCIK and her research
06-03-2017 | Departmental Seminar : Ricardo TRUGLIA (UCLA)
Ricardo TRUGLIA Professor Ricardo TRUGLIA, Assistant Professor at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, will present a paper at the next Departmental Seminar: Title: TBA More about Ricardo TRUGLIA and his research